Market Metrics Quality Policy

MarketMetrics Pty Ltd is a professionally managed and ethical market research provider whose services are delivered in a manner consistent with the:

  • ISO20252 accreditation standards
  • Australian Market & Social Research Society (AMSRS) Code of Professional Behaviour and Code of Ethics
  • ESOMAR International Code of Marketing and Social Research Practice
  • AMRSO Australian standards for excellence in Market Research
  • Privacy Legislation

In our business dealings with clients, staff, suppliers, and other stakeholders, we are committed to being open and treating all people fairly and professionally, as well as always acting within the letter of the law. MarketMetrics Pty Ltd has recently been awarded ISO20252 accreditation fulfilling its commitment to be on the forefront of quality data collection in Australia. The new International ISO standard for market, social and opinion research (AS ISO 20252) has become the Australian standard for our industry from 1 January 2007. Accredited Australian companies, such as MarketMetrics Pty Ltd will be able to confirm their commitment to quality assured processes in the international arena.

All senior research executives of MarketMetrics Pty Ltd are members of the Australian Market and Social Research Society (AMSRS) and as such are bound by the Society’s Code of Professional Behaviour, which is the ICC/ ESOMAR International Code of Marketing and Social Research Practice. This Code is in use throughout the world and is adhered to by all our associates and affiliates. MarketMetrics Pty Ltd has intensive training programs for all personnel who join the company to ensure that our own high standards are maintained. Progress reviews and continuous external and internal training programs for staff at all levels ensure that our personnel are delivering the highest level of client service and research consultancy.

MarketMetrics Pty Ltd also strictly adheres to the requirements of the Privacy Legislation regarding market research which was enacted on December 21st, 2001. Privacy legislation as well as the Australian Market & Social Research Society (AMSRS) industry standards and code of ethics set clear guidelines pertaining to respondent privacy and confidentiality requirements. As such MarketMetrics Pty Ltd is committed to developing procedures and protocols designed to preserve, protect and respect such respondent privacy and confidentiality at all times.

The AMSRO Accreditation Scheme is part of the Australian standards for excellence in Market Research and specifically Data Collection. This scheme covers all facets of data collection, training, supervision and validation processes. This area defines the quality requirements covering electronic data capture, development of code frames, data coding verification, data entry, data entry verification, data file management, presentation of data, data analysis verification, virus checking and data storage. The philosophy and content of our Quality management System goes far beyond the requirements of ISO20252. MarketMetrics Pty Ltd has broad procedures and processes to ensure the highest level of service from all departments.

Across all studies MarketMetrics Pty Ltd ensures that all personnel involved, including interviewers, data processing personnel, and administrative personnel, show the respondents the utmost level of respect and preserve respondent privacy and confidentiality at all times.

Standards Australia Certificate for ISO 20252