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and every obstacle is overcome without impacting on deadlines and budgets; MarketMetrics is a solutions based business.

Many things can go wrong in research, it’s about knowing how to deal with them and having the experience to ensure that each

The physical data collection is at the core of any research project and in the wrong hands a project is rendered worthless.

Australia’s leading provider of data collection and research support services

Data Collection

4000 projects over 25 years has cemented our reputation as a leading supplier of high-quality data collection services to both market research agencies and end clients in Australia and Internationally.  We combine rigorous quality controls with a tireless work ethic to ensure that your research is on brief, on budget and on time – every time. We take the time to understand the unique demands of your research project, delivering a bespoke solution that gives you the insights that you require.

Data Processing and Analysis

Better data leads to better decisions.  Our Data Processing team reviews, prepares, and delivers your data with accuracy and precision.

We are experts in survey programming, storing and reporting responses; formatting data using SPSS, SAS, Microsoft Excel or Access, or any other software as needed. We also offer the ability to compile and produce cleaned data files after validating, sorting, real-time editing, and open ended coding.

Research Support Services

Almost all research involves complex B2B levels of customers and stakeholders. We constantly interact with our clients throughout the project to ensure there are no misunderstandings with customers and/or stakeholders involved in the research.

To enhance our customer’s research outcomes, we offer the following additional services:  Sampling; Questionnaire Design Assistance; Database Management; Statistical and Analytical Support.

Who We Are

We are a wholly Australian owned company founded in 1993, is a long standing, leading supplier of data collection and data analysis services to facilitate the data field logistic requirements of market and social research agencies as well as any business or government organisations undertaking research projects. Our commitment to our customers is to:

  • Build and maintain a partnership based on understanding specific requirements;
  • Maintain an unswerving commitment to the highest quality data collection and levels of service;
  • Provide complete transparency in all aspects of project management;
  • Pioneer new recruitment methods to address research quotas that other fieldwork agencies cannot;
  • Provide an unparalleled service in all aspects of field management and market research recruitment.

What You Get

Full suite of data collection modalities

Our quantitative and qualitative data collection services include:

CATI:- 50 CATI Stations – 2 telephone rooms to ensure client confidentiality;

Online: –  Online Panels; WATI (Web Assisted Telephone Interviewing);

Face to Face:-  PAPI/CAPI – 40 CAPI tablets; Door to door; Street intercept; Exit interviews; Shopping centre; Mystery shopping; Store audits; Diary placements.

Other:-  Mail surveys; Test panels; Ad labs;  Pilot studies; Group and in-depth recruitment.

Data processing and analysis

Our data processing and analysis services include:

Survey Programming: – Surveycraft, any required logic to enable ease of completion;

Data Cleansing: –   Detection and removal of data not meeting quality standards;

Verbatim Coding: –  Code frame development and frequencies;

Data Weighting: –  Data that’s adjusted to represent a specific population;

Raw Data Files: – ASCII, delimited, Excel, Q-Ready SPSS data files, and custom requests;

Crosstabs: –  All requested variables cross-tabulated by client-defined groups;

Research Support Services

Our research support services include research design, sample advice and questionnaire design.

Effective research design services are essential to address your research questions accurately. Our statistical consultants are skilled in a variety of research designs, including experimental designs, quasi-experimental designs, descriptive or observational designs, cross-sectional designs, cohort or longitudinal designs, case studies, focus groups, in-depth interviews, and more.

Effective research design services also depend on accurate sampling plans, survey design or measurements, data collection, and planned statistical analyses. We are equipped to meet your needs in all of these areas to ensure that your project is a success by:

  • Ensuring your project design will allow you to answer your research questions clearly and avoid ambiguity;
  • Helping you choose the most appropriate sample and provide expertise in dealing with your customers ‘cost constraints;
  • Ensure your time, money, and resources are considered to maximise the benefits and efficiency of your project to help you develop the best research design to meet the project brief.

How We Do It

MarketMetrics is a national supplier of data collection services and employs over 300 fully trained interviewers to ISO/20252 Standards Australia wide. This includes a diverse range of interviewers capable of meeting any specific client’s needs, many of whom have been with us for over 20 years.

We are known and respected for the quality of our interviewers who have broad interviewing capability from senior executives, specialist legal and medical individuals to the general public and we full guarantee confidentiality. Knowing who and how to ask the right questions is our business. We utilise data collection techniques that generate reliable and valid research data.

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